5 Kitchen Flooring Options You Should Consider

Although you might take it for granted in your kitchen, the flooring choice is one of the vital parts that help to keep the room tied together. For that reason, it’s important that your floor choice is not just durable and suitable for kitchens, but is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

To give you a better idea of the flooring solutions, The Cladding Store, a leading provider of plastic cladding for kitchens has created this guide covering the five most popular kitchen flooring options you should consider. 

  • Tile is always a good choice

  • Tiles are perhaps the most popular flooring option for kitchens, after all, they are highly durable and moisture resistant. Not just that, but they are highly fashionable, where a variety of styles tiles are available in terms of colour, patterns and size, meaning it’s highly likely that you will easily identify a few styles that pique your interest. 

    We are going to talk about it soon, but there are also plastic cladding panels which are ideal as an alternative to tiles. This is because they are just as durable and moisture resistant, but are much cheaper and easier to install whilst also replicating the same effect as floor tiles. 

  • Concrete is a solid option

  • If you are keen on a traditional approach to your flooring, then concrete is the way forward. Thanks to its durability, strength and easy to clean characteristics, the use of concrete has maintained its popularity throughout the years as a suitable flooring choice for kitchens amongst other rooms in the house. 

    Thanks to the increase in understanding concrete flooring, it’s becoming much more decorative and stylish, enabling more homeowners to consider removing and resurfacing concrete with a new stylish finish. 

  • Cladding is becoming increasingly popular

  • A choice that not everyone considers, PVC kitchen cladding is becoming increasingly popular as kitchen wall panels, as well as the ceiling and flooring. These panels are quick and easy to install, not to mention the fact that there are a wide variety of colours, style and finishes which are bound to make your kitchen floor standout in its own right. 

    Just a few of the best PVC cladding finishes, for flooring especially, include marble, polished stone and wood effect, meaning you can install false timber cladding that looks like the real thing.

    What makes the plastic cladding for kitchens so popular is the fact that they are also inexpensive compared to alternatives, where you can also purchase PVC panels as of when you need them based on size and shape to guarantee the very best fit possible. 

  • Fine wood looks great

  • One of the final kitchen flooring choices is fine wood. There is no denying that fine wood is very aesthetically pleasing, where it has been proven to work in almost every room in the house to provide a relaxing and warm environment for everyone in the kitchen. 

    For reference, a few of the best woods that make an ideal kitchen flooring solution include oak, engineered hardwood, pine and beach, though this ultimately comes down to the price you are willing to pay as some wood is more expensive than others. 

  • Make it unique with cork

  • The final choice that we are going to take a look at is cork, a unique but highly popular approach to kitchen flooring. Not only is this solution durable, washable and stain-resistant, cork flooring is also environmentally friendly and anti-microbial, making it the perfect choice for kitchens. 

    Unlike a few of the alternative flooring choices, cork is also very comfortable to walk on for long periods. Thanks to its natural sponginess, the floor is very soft and comfortable to walk on, making it an ideal kitchen solution for families with children. 

    We are happy to help

    Has the idea of plastic cladding for your kitchen caught your eye? Then you will be pleased that The Cladding Store is to help. Specialising in PVC cladding in the UK, we stock a wide variety of kitchen cladding that is suitable as kitchen ceiling cladding panels, flooring and as wall cladding. 

    Our entire cladding range has been designed with homes in mind, hence our large variety of designs, styles and colours, enabling us to be certain that you will find the ideal plastic cladding for your kitchen. That being said, if you are keen on finding out more, we suggest giving us a call today on 01274 7280931, where you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our specialists who will be happy to have a chat about your specific needs and desires. 

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