Tips for Creating a White Cladded Bathroom

If you’ve got a small bathroom that lacks natural lighting, then you should consider changing your colour scheme to white. While white is a minimalist’s dream, there has always been some hesitancy in creating an all-white bathroom. In fact, the...

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Reasons to Choose Ceiling Cladding

 There’s nothing quite like a wood in your bathroom. Nothing else has the same visual appeal. The stunning look of the grain, the richness of the texture is unlike any other material you can use in your bathroom. Timber has...

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How Wall Cladding Can Transform your Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to refurbing your commercial kitchen, you need to keep cleanliness and hygiene in mind. After all, there is nothing more important than keeping your hygiene standards up, keeping your food safe to eat; the health of your...

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PVC Cladding: Everything that you Need to Know

If you are starting to contemplate the possibility of renovating your home’s interior you will no-doubt want to ensure that the materials that you use are fantastic, both from a functional sense and a visual one. Unfortunately, combining these two...

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Cladding Accessories that Will Make your Life Easier

Picture the scene: you have decided that you would like to use top-of-the-range cladding within your bathroom, and have recently taken-receipt of your panels. After weighing up your options, you have decided that rather than enlist the help of a...

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4 Rooms that are Ideals for Cladding

There are almost-certainly some people reading this that are under the impression that uPVC cladding is solely designed for use within the bathroom. Unfortunately, it is this line of thinking that causes many homeowners to miss out on the wonderful...

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