PVC Cladding Installation Guide


How To Install Bathroom Wall Panels

It is becoming much more common for homeowners to turn to wall panels when decorating their bathroom. There are numerous benefits to doing so and one of them is that the installation is quick and easy. Many people are shocked to hear just how easy it is to install bathroom cladding panels, you don’t even need to call in the professionals for this job like you do for complex tiling. 

If this is the first time you have ever considered purchased bathroom cladding and you’re looking for a simple guide to follow when installing these panels, keep reading today. The Cladding Store is incredibly experienced when it comes to installing PVC bathroom cladding so, simply follow our steps below.

Before installation 

Before installation the panels should be allowed to acclimatise in the room where they are to be installed for 24 hours. 

Decorative PVC Panels can be fixed directly to the wall if the surface is relatively even and if the wall is dry, using shower panel adhesive, or fix on to a frame of wooden batons. 

When fitting PVC panels to the ceiling, always fix to a frame of wooden batons. When fixing the panels to wooden batons, the panels can be fixed throughout the extending backplate fixing tongue using stapes with a staple gun, by hammer with panel pins / nails, with screws or with panel adhesive. 

When fixing PVC panels to ceiling, adhesive is not recommended unless an additional fixing such as staple or nail is applied. 

In order to make your installation as quick and easy as possible, we would always recommend that you are fully prepared before you start work. It is worth getting all of your tools and equipment together first, you will need;

  • Pencil - to mark the areas you need to cut and the areas you need to install onto
  • Stanley knife -  to cut down your panels to fit their designated area
  • Straightedge - to ensure you’re drawing and cutting straight 
  • Measuring tape - to measure the panels and walls 
  • Solvent-free adhesive and screws - to secure the panels 
  • Electric drill - to install trims 

You also need to make sure that all surfaces are clean and any painted surfaces are sanded to enable the adhesive to stick. 

During installation 

Now you have everything prepared you can start installing your bathroom wall panels, we will talk through this step by step below. 

Measure your walls

Start by measuring your wall from floor to ceiling, you will need this measurement all the way through the process. 

Fit your corner or starter trim

Mark your corner or starter trim with this measurement and cut them to size. Then, secure your corner or starter trim to the wall, where you want the panelling to start, with the electric drill and screws. 

Cut the panel to size

Transfer the wall measurements from earlier onto your panels too. Now, use your straight edge to mark a straight line widthways, this is where you’ll need to cut the panel. Once marked, carefully cut the panel using your Stanley knife. 

Fit the panel

This step will differ slightly depending on what you’re putting the panel on to. For a wooden frame, screws can be used, but for plasterboard or tiles, you will need to use adhesive. The majority of the time people will use adhesive when redecorating and it couldn’t be easier. Simply, run the glue down the panel in an ‘S’ shape or just dab it down the panel. You can then apply the panel to the wall, pushing it into the corner or starter trim. Then, use your drill again to screw into the tongue of the panel and secure this into the trim. 

Repeat the process

Once the first panel is up, you repeat the process with the rest of your panels. Always ensure that the tongue slots into the groove of the previous panel before you press down to secure the panel. 

Finish the wall

When you have placed all of your panels onto the wall and reached another corner, you will need to install another corner or an ending trim. Repeat the process from earlier, measuring and cutting the trim before screwing it into the wall. 

Following these steps, you will be able to redecorate your bathroom in no time. Of course, if you want to panel multiple walls then, just repeat the process on all walls you want to cover. 

Installing your own bathroom wall panels 

Now you know how easy it is to complete this job yourself, there will be no stopping you during your bathroom refurb. If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase your bathroom PVC cladding from then visit The Cladding Store’s website today. You can browse our huge range of bathroom cladding panels and with so many different options available, you are guaranteed to find the perfect panels for you. 

Not only do we supply bathroom cladding but, we also have all of the fittings, trims and adhesive you need to install your own panels too. If you have any questions at all about any of the products on our site or you need some advice regarding installation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who will gladly assist you further.