How To Make A Statement With Cladding Design

The use of cladding throughout the interior and exterior of homes across the country has become increasingly popular, especially due to the number of designs, styles and colours available. Thanks to this, many homeowners are keen to look at the latest kitchen & bathroom cladding ideas, but struggle to find a particular design that fulfils their criteria. 

With that being said, so that you can make your cladding stand-out, here are just a few ways to make a statement with cladding design.

A feature wall can change everything

In almost any room of your house, installing wall cladding as a feature wall is bound to increase the depth and character of your home. Especially for bathroom walls, cladding can be used in less appreciated areas such as faded walls, where the cladding can be the start of making the entire wall stand out with the increase of additional decoration features that complement the bathroom cladding. 

Your bathroom isn’t the only room that can use cladding wall panels, with your kitchen being a prime example of when a cladding feature wall is ideal. Once again, on less-used kitchen walls where no appliances have been fitted, stylish cladding is a great way to make a boring wall much more attractive to take a look at. 

Brighten up the whole room

Although paint is still a highly popular choice, cladding is one of the best ways to brighten up the whole room. Thanks to its smooth and sleek finish, using bright coloured cladding will make your whole room appear much brighter and radiant, ultimately making the whole room appear modern and clean. 

Especially for bathrooms that lack windows, the cladding is a great way for your whole room to appear brighter and fresh, which is vital so that you feel cleansed and refreshed. In this instance, your flooring is also a highly recommended area that should be covered with uPVC cladding as well as the walls. 

Change the entire atmosphere of the room

One of the final bathroom cladding ideas that you should adopt to make a statement is with the use of distinct cladding to change the entire atmosphere of the room. Using alternative types of cladding, such as timber or stone, this is an ideal way to change the feel of your bathroom if you feel that decorations or functional features aren’t generating the design aesthetic that you are keen on applying. 

Just a few of the best cladding ideas

  • Tile effect

So that you have a better idea of the types of cladding that are known to make a statement, here are a few of the most popular PVC cladding ideas in the UK, starting with tile effect cladding. All homeowners know the difficulties with attempting to fit tiles within your home, which is why panelling is ideal, as the uPVC tongue and grooves easily join together to create the overall tile effect without the need for grout. 

  • Replicate the style of wood

Although not everyone will admit it, timber as a wall does look great, but there is one massive downside - it’s expensive. Fortunately, timber cladding can be installed as an alternative, which is not only much cheaper, looks just as great as the real thing. In terms of making a statement, a great bathroom cladding idea is simply using the timber cladding as a feature wall, rather than the whole room so that it stands out far more within your room. 

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