Everything You Need To Know About Wet Rooms

In modern bathrooms of today, wet rooms are starting to become increasingly popular, as they can really enhance your bathroom space. They are not only easy to access and use, but they are much easier to install compared to many other home renovation projects - but it can still be quite costly. By having a well-designed wet room, this could add value to your property as it is often a feature which buyers are increasingly looking for. 

What are wet rooms?

Often seen as an alternative to a shower unit, wet rooms have completely waterproof walls so that the whole room is secure and durable under wet conditions. They are usually designed with tiles, but bathroom cladding can also be used. This is an excellent way to create more space within your bathroom, being especially practical for elderly people or those with disabilities as they are all on one level. 


  • Save space

If you are someone who does not have a particularly large bathroom, but would still like to make the most of the space available to you, we would advise that you consider switching to a wet room. As we briefly touched upon, wet rooms are an excellent space-saving solution, completely eliminating the need for a bath or a conventional bulky shower unit. They help to create the illusion of more space, offering more flexibility when it comes to the layout. 

  • Accessibility

What appears to be mundane tasks to some, such as going to the toilet or simply washing keeping themselves clean, can provide a real dilemma for others. If you are someone who struggles with mobility, wet rooms are an ideal solution to combat this. There are no screens, doors or curtains attached to the unit, meaning it’s very easy to access the wet room to use without the need to climb into a bath/shower. 

  • Aesthetic value

Compared to standard bath and shower units, wet rooms are incredibly clean, modern and stylish - so they are guaranteed to improve the look of your home. Wet rooms have an undeniable wow-factor, providing an incredibly stylish and sophisticated look and feel to any bathroom. They don’t only look good, but their aesthetic value is guaranteed to improve the overall selling value of your property. Using a wetroom as a second bathroom in your home can add additional value to the property if and when you come to sell.

About The Cladding Store

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