Is UPVC Cladding the Right Choice for your Kitchen?

If you’ve been hanging around the world of home improvements recently, then you’ve probably heard a lot about UPVC cladding. It’s a fairly common material that is versatile enough to have been used in a variety of places in the world of construction. This has included window frames, exterior and interior panelling and soffits. But despite its usefulness, some people have been surprisingly resistant to the use of cladding in the kitchen.

Here at The Cladding Store, we believe UPVC cladding brings so many benefits to your kitchen space. Its durability and style both help to create a stunning interior for your kitchen, which are perfect for a low-key kitchen renovation. Our amazing selection of UPVC cladding at The Cladding Store is designed to be ideal for your kitchen, and we want to introduce them to you. Once you’ve decided on your new cladding, we can dispatch them to you from our West Yorkshire distribution centre.

Why do we Recommend UPVC Cladding for Kitchens?

We recommend this type of wall cladding for your kitchen because it is convenient and easy to maintain. There are lots of different materials available that look really great in the kitchen, but nothing quite matches UPVC cladding for its convenience and maintenance. Free from horrible moulds and discolouration, UPVC cladding also helps to keep your kitchen a more hygienic and safe place for you to prepare your food in. So if you’re looking to make smart choices for your kitchen that are about more than just your aesthetics, then UPVC cladding is the ideal choice for you. Not that you have to choose between aesthetics and functionality because with UPVC cladding you can do both.

What are the Benefits of Using UPVC Wall Cladding in your Kitchen?

Hygienic and Simple to Clean

We mentioned earlier that there are traditional materials that people often gravitate towards during kitchen renovations. These timber and tile materials are a great choice but they do have several pitfalls, particularly as they are being used in an area that is primarily used for creating food. One of the issues with these materials is that they can easily become damp, which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how much you scrub your tiles or timber, bacteria and germs work harder and it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of them all. 

Additionally, the spread of mould, in particular, can really impact the way that your kitchen looks. On the other hand, UPVC cladding is really easy to clean, keeping your kitchen safe. Our cladding has no grouting or cracks for the bacteria to grow. The panels are also really easy to clean. There’s no need to scrub your cladding, just need to wipe it down with some antibacterial spray and your kitchen will be as safe as possible

Super Easy to Install

If you’re planning on completing your installation on your own, then you’ll want to choose cladding over tiles. While tiles are the popular choice, they are really tricky to install, particularly if you don’t have a lot of tiling experience. However, installing kitchen cladding couldn’t be easier. In comparison to other options, all you really need to do is snap it into place using our practical tongue and groove technology. 

Should you find that you need to cut the materials down to size then all you need is a sharp craft knife and you can easily get it to the right size. As a result, it is so easy and convenient to install them, no matter what you might have behind them. Another great advantage of UPVC cladding is you don’t have to worry about stripping the walls down, you can simply install the cladding over the top of the tiles or other materials on the walls.

No Need to Grout Between Them

We can all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than installing and maintaining grouting. Not only is it time-consuming and messy to install but it is also so difficult to keep looking nice long into the future. With UPVC cladding, grouting will be the last thing on your mind. This is because the panels sit flush next to each other, removing the need for grout in your kitchen. Not only does this make the installation process so much faster but it ensures that your maintenance is quick and easy in the future. The smooth, crevice-free cladding gives bacteria nowhere to hide, allowing you to clean with antibacterial spray and a soft cloth. It’s the ideal choice for your low maintenance kitchen. 

A Multitude of Design Options

Far from limiting your design options, turning to UPVC cladding actually opens up the possibilities for your kitchen space. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, a place to cook, hang out with friends and a place where you will make precious memories. So it’s important that you take the time to design the ideal design choices for your kitchen. Take the time to find the style that you want for your kitchen, a space that you’ll enjoy spending some time in. Once you’ve chosen your look, you’ll be able to choose the right wall cladding for your kitchen space.

There are so many different style options, all of which have been designed to be indistinguishable from tiles. There’s no need to worry about your kitchen looking too clinical and industrial with our amazing imitation marble cladding, offering you all the styles of marble with none of the maintenance concerns. 

Alternatively, we could offer you imitation tiles or imitation timber, both of which can help to bring your kitchen to life. Our imitation stone is also a great option because it creates a unique, rustic vibe that you don’t often encounter when you’re redesigning your kitchen. We can even offer you block colours. Your kitchen is all about you and our cladding is designed to reflect that.

Ready to Find Out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about UPVC cladding and how it will help you to transform your kitchen into something special, then feel free to get in touch with our team today by giving us a call on 01274 728031. We’re the cladding specialists and our commitment to our customers is at the core of everything that we do, so if you’re looking for something specific for your kitchen, we’re the people to turn to.

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