How to Create a Stunning Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Have you been considering redoing your bathroom? Do you have a whole host of modern design ideas? Are you held back by the sheer cost of a bathroom makeover? Then we’re here to help. Here at The Cladding Store, we believe that everyone should bring their dream bathroom to life without needing to break the bank. So we’re here to help. Our design tips below are to advise you on how to create a beautiful bathroom makeover on a budget.  

Welcome to The Cladding Store

We’re a leading supplier of high-quality cladding for your bathroom space, offering customers a durable and economical solution for their bathroom makeover. We’ve spent many years working hard to stock the very best cladding on the market with amazing styles that suit almost any style of bathroom. 

Our cladding panels are ideal for bathrooms and showers because they’re made out of UPVC, which is completely waterproof. So whatever plans you might have for your bathroom makeover on a budget, our online store is the best place to start. Not only can we provide you with affordable materials but we’re also here to inspire you with our suggestions for creating an amazing, modern looking bathroom no matter what your budget might be.

Our Inspirational Ideas

Make the most of colours

While the modern bathroom look is very much an all-white look, this isn’t necessarily the best colour scheme for your bathroom on a budget. An all-white look can deteriorate quickly, meaning that your bathroom makeover will quickly start to look like it never happened. But adding in a splash of colour can help to create a unique and interesting space and help maintain the look. And, with the development of different cladding styles and paints, you have the chance to choose literally any colour that you’re drawn to.

Add in your Storage During the Planning Stage

It’s important that you think your makeover through before you start work on the redecorating. It will save you money in the long run when you plan out your space properly. One of the elements of bathroom design that is often overlooked is storage. Storage is important for the comfort and enjoyment of your bathroom space. For example, you can install some open shelving for storage, which you can easily purchase. You don’t have to go to a big bathroom brand to find iconic stylish storage solutions. 

Pick up New Accessories

Creating a bathroom makeover on a budget relied heavily on making sure that you pay attention to the little things. You can transform the style of a room by simply including beautiful accessories in your bathroom. Remember, you don’t have to choose expensive designer brands for your accessories. These days you can pick up some fantastic accessories from independent shops on your local high-street. Soap dispensers, ornamental features, air fresheners, toothbrush holders and even a plant or two can create a lovely, cohesive environment. All you need to do is escape the idea that big brands are a requirement. 

Use UPVC Cladding

When planning a bathroom makeover, there are definitely some big expenses, one of which is usually found in wall decorating materials, like tiles. Tiles are a great addition to so many bathrooms but there is no denying that they come with a cost. This is because of the materials that tiles are made of and the process of creating them. This high cost can be a budget breaker, something that will stop your plans for your bathroom makeover in their tracks.

But if you’re planning on creating a bathroom makeover on a budget, then you should consider using UPVC cladding instead. UPVC cladding combines all of the benefits of these quality materials with the incredibly affordable prices that you need. Fast and easy to install the completely waterproof nature of our UPVC cladding makes it the ideal solution for your bathroom makeover. 

Far from the ugly white materials that you’re probably imagining, our bathroom cladding can be found in a wide array of styles, colours and sizes. In fact, with so many colours and styles, we know that we’ll be able to find your perfect cladding no matter what your budget might be.

Looking at the Styles UPVC Cladding Offers

Marble Effect Cladding

We mentioned earlier how a white bathroom is on trend right now but what we didn’t mention was the popularity of marble. For many people, actual marble is too expensive and delicate to really put in their bathroom, but an imitation marble tile looks almost exactly the same. But, if you’re looking for something that is even cheaper than that, we offer imitation marble UPVC cladding that looks just as stunning as both the tiles and the actual marble. The pale, stylish look of the bathroom makeover helps to keep the bathroom light and bright, a really enjoyable place to spend your time. 

Variety for a feature wall

Having so many different styles available for your bathroom makeover really does open up the option for styling your space. You can use the variety of colours and looks to create a stunning feature wall for yourself, which is a great way for you to provide some visual interest to your bathroom. This is such a fun way to create a modern and updated look with a limited budget. 

We especially love to see feature walls in the shower area, which helps to open up the space and create designated areas for your bathroom. You’ll be able to work with the different colours, shapes and styles easily. Because you’re using a plastic material, they’re really easy to cut to size and install in your bathroom. As a result, not only can you create a beautiful bathroom makeover with UPVC cladding, but you can also make it on a budget.

Want to Find out More About Creating a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget?

If you’ve been inspired by our tips for an affordable bathroom makeover, then feel free to visit our website. We have an amazing variety of both wall and ceiling cladding that you can choose from for your bathroom. Having a bathroom makeover doesn’t need to cost the earth, but knowing all the options that you have can really make a difference. 

If you have any questions about our work and the beautiful bathroom that you can create, then feel free to call us today at 01274 728031. Our team would be more than happy to help you create your dream bathroom.

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