Which Cladding Designs Are Taking Over The Interior Design World?


To many people, cladding is simply a type of material that is used on the exterior of a property, in order to insulate it against the harsh climate and weather that is experienced within Britain. Contrary to popular belief, cladding has a second-usage, and that is from an interior design point of view. Here at The Cladding Store, we have spent many years building up a stock that consists of varying styles, all of which are exceptional in quality. For those of you that would like to educate yourself on which designs are proving to be most popular, please check out the thoughts of our team below.

Beige Marble

If you are someone that enjoys having walls which, although perhaps not extremely bold, are pleasant to look at, the solution is relatively obvious - invest in Beige Marble cladding panels. No matter if you use these on your shower ceiling, or prefer to have them more on show within your combined kitchen-dining area, the results will be sure to leave you beaming from ear-to-ear. When it comes to ceiling cladding, there are few other designs which leave such a positive lasting impression.

Cutline Flagstone Grey

There are countless individuals up-and-down the country that appreciate the aesthetic appearance of tiling, but do not cherish the difficulty in installation and upkeep. It is for this reason that more-and-more homeowners are looking to Cutline Flagstone Grey as the perfect alternative. This can be used in lieu of bathroom wall panels, or as decoration within your kitchen. This type of PVC cladding is fantastic from a visual standpoint, as well as being easy to place, thanks to the tongue-and-groove method.

Loft Concrete

Whilst the name may seem slightly off-putting, you would be unwise to rule-out Loft Concrete without properly examining it. In recent years, this has been seen as the perfect product to create an atmosphere within a property that epitomises minimalism - as anyone that follows the interior design industry can testify to, this modern style is proving to be incredibly popular. In terms of where in the home this is most-suited to, it is hard to look past the kitchen as the ideal location. Alternatively, there are some that have stated that the bathroom wall is the best home, and it is not difficult to see why.

Purple Sparkle

This is a product that has a colour scheme which is certainly not for the fainthearted; however, if you were to opt to purchase Purple Sparkle, you can be sure that it will be a conversation starter for all those that behold it. In terms of bathroom cladding, you will be hard-pressed to source an alternative which is quite as striking at first glance. Most people that invest in this product believe that it is best installed on the shower wall, as it is extremely effective at allowing water to run down, meaning that you will not have to worry about mould and other undesirable side-effects.

The Cladding Store - Here To Help

Are you tired of spending hours-and-hours trying to source PVC cladding panels which are affordable in price, yet top-tier in their composition? Would you like to collaborate with a retailer that has extensive experience in supplying wall cladding panels? If your response was positive to either of the previous questions, the chances are that you would stand to greatly benefit from the services offered by The Cladding Store. To us, it does not matter if you would like to acquire PVC shower panels, or need help in getting your pre-purchased panels fitted. All that matters is that our clients are able to enjoy a satisfying experience. Should you want to begin your journey with us today, we suggest that you get in touch via any of the contact methods illustrated on our website.

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