Things To Consider When Choosing Shower Cladding Panels

When redecorating their main family bathroom, wall cladding panels are the first choice for lots of homeowners these days. There is no denying that this low maintenance decor solution is a brilliant choice for your bathroom and the fact that it is much more affordable than traditional tiles is an added bonus. With such a huge range of bathroom cladding options available to choose from too, there really is the perfect panel design for all main bathrooms.

Instead of using bathroom wall panels all over this room, lots of homeowners are starting to explore the option of just using shower cladding panels too. As the name suggests, these will go on the walls in the shower enclosure and they can be a brilliant way to prevent common moisture-related bathroom problems. If you’re interested in using shower cladding panels in your family bathroom, below are some useful things to consider to help you ensure you’re choosing the right solution for your bathroom. 

How spacious is the bathroom?

As you may expect, the size of your main bathroom will always influence the type of shower cladding panels that you choose. For example, it is usually best to use lighter colours in a smaller bathroom to create the feeling of more space. So, think about how spacious your bathroom already feels and whether you need to rule out using dark colours and patterns or not. 

What style is your shower enclosure?

Not all homeowners choose to have a traditional white shower tray with a glass shower screen and if you’re having something more modern, you need to ensure that your shower cladding panels match the look and feel that you’re trying to create in this space. The predetermined style of your shower enclosure is so important to take into consideration. 

Do you know the colour of the rest of the walls?

When you’re only going to be installing shower cladding panels, it is essential to ensure that they complement the rest of the decor in your bathroom. If you have chosen which paint colour you’re going to use on the rest of the walls in this space, make sure that you’re thinking about this colour when you’re choosing the colour and pattern of your cladding panels. 

Have you chosen your flooring?

Similarly to the paint colour, you also need to take your flooring choice into consideration when you’re choosing between the many different shower cladding panels available. Your floor is one of the biggest fully visible surface areas in your bathroom and it will likely influence the cladding design that you decide to install. Ideally, these two parts of your bathroom should work really well together.

Are you going to install ceiling cladding too?

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to install ceiling cladding in their bathroom alongside their wall cladding, so you should also think about whether this is something that you’d like to do. When installing ceiling cladding, of course, it is important to make sure that the shower cladding panels you choose aren’t conflicting in design to the ceiling cladding panels you’re interested in. 

How much natural light does the bathroom have?

You should always take into consideration the amount of natural light you get in a room when you’re redecorating. If you only have a small window in your bathroom, you may want to strategically pick a shower cladding panel design that will reflect light around the space, like a sparkle design. Yet, if you have a lot of natural light, you will be able to expand your options.

Choosing the right shower cladding panels 

It is fair to say that using wall cladding in your main family bathroom is a brilliant idea and you will definitely thank yourself in the long run for opting for this modern solution. When you’re specifically wanting to use shower cladding panels, hopefully, thinking about everything mentioned above will make it easier for you to choose the perfect bathroom cladding for the space you’re redecorating and you won’t go on to regret your decision. 

When searching for a reliable company to purchase your shower cladding panels from, make sure you visit The Cladding Store website. Our 1m wide cladding panels are available in a range of different designs and you won’t struggle to find something that meets all of your individual needs for your family bathroom. If you’ve never used wall cladding before and you’re looking for some professional advice before you place your order, feel free to contact us, our experienced team are always happy to help.

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