What Makes Tongue And Groove PVC Cladding So Sought After 


So many homeowners are choosing to use wall cladding and ceiling cladding in their homes, and this decor solution is considered to be one of the most popular available today. Instead of using traditional options like tiling and painting, many are beginning to reap the numerous benefits associated with this modern alternative instead. 

These days, there are lots of different types of interior cladding to choose from, yet one of the most popular remains to be tongue and groove cladding. More specifically, tongue and groove PVC cladding. There are so many unique advantages to this particular type of cladding being made in this specific material and it is undeniably a brilliant solution for various different rooms in the home. Below we have looked into the reasons why this cladding is so sought after. 

It neatly interlocks 

Tongue and groove cladding is specifically designed so that multiple panels can be joined together to make one flat surface. Each of the panels will feature a tongue that slots neatly into the next panel's groove, interlocking the panels. This makes the overall surface much more durable than it would be if other types of cladding panels were used. 

It doesn’t have visible join lines 

When installed, you won’t be able to see the joins between the cladding panels, creating a flawless finish to a wall. Whilst if you use something like wood effect or tile effect PVC cladding, you will have visible lines in the panels, these are purposeful to the design and not as a result of the installation. There is no better solution when you’re looking for seamless decor. 

It is waterproof 

The specially engineered locking system of tongue and groove cladding paired with the PVC material of the panels, creates a watertight surface. When installed on the walls in your home, you won’t have to worry about moisture related issues like damp and mould. This makes this particular solution perfect for rooms with higher humidity levels, like the bathroom. 

It can easily be kept clean 

Generally speaking, PVC is known for being one of the lowest maintenance materials and keeping PVC cladding panels clean couldn’t be more straightforward. Due to the fact that tongue and groove cladding provides a flat surface to clean too, there is no hassle involved with cleaning in any dips and dents in the wall decor either. 

It doesn’t require professional installation  

Unlike other decor solutions, tongue and groove PVC cladding is suitable for DIY installations and you don’t need any experience to create a professional finished look. You can simply glue, nail or screw these cladding panels to your wall and they will hide a number of imperfections. Minimal preparation work is required for this type of cladding to be installed as well.  

It isn’t expensive to purchase 

Many are drawn to PVC wall cladding because it costs considerably less than other materials available. You can pay as little as £5 for a high quality piece of decorative cladding that measures 260cm x 20cm x 6mm. Even when using cladding on every wall in a room, it is still one of the most budget-friendly options available to homeowners. 

Installing tongue and groove cladding in your home 

Should you be interested in trying something slightly different with your interior design, it goes without saying that tongue and groove PVC cladding is a brilliant choice. It is no surprise that so many homeowners are choosing to use wall panels, especially in rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen, and they really are a great alternative to traditional wall decor. Once you’ve installed PVC cladding, you will understand why it is so sought after. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase tongue and groove PVC cladding from, be sure to visit The Cladding Store website. We have a huge selection of different styles of cladding panels to choose from and whether you’re looking for something quite traditional or something more modern, you can trust that we will have numerous options for you to consider. If you need any guidance when choosing a design or advise about the installation of the panels, don’t hesitate to contact our team for some free support. We’re always happy to help. 

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