Which Cladding Panels are Going to Take 2022 By Storm?

With the end of the year fast approaching, it is understandable that you might want to look towards the future. When 2022 finally arrives, you need to recognise that certain trends will be left behind, to be replaced with new ones. That being said, it is safe to say that wall cladding panels are here to stay - the tongue-and-groove method of installation is only one reason for this. The other is that there is page-after-page of styles to explore. Here to offer some much-needed insight into the designs that you should keep an eye out for, are The Cladding Store’s experts.  

Some Of Our Favourite Designs For 2022

Grey Veined Marble

It is commonly-accepted that marble is one of, if not the most incredible type of natural stone to use in homes. Unfortunately, it is also incredible high-maintenance, and does not possess the necessary properties to serve you well in the long-run. If you would like to enjoy the best of both worlds, we suggest that you take a closer look at the Grey Veined Marble cladding that has recently come onto the market. Not only is it easy-to-install, but from a visual standpoint there are few that can compete with it.  


Sticking with the authentic look for a moment, you might wish to look into the possibility of having Granite-inspired cladding on the walls of your bathroom. The neutral colour scheme lends itself incredibly well with the minimalism trend that has come to the fore in the past few years. Although the panels are smooth, the textured effect that this particular style brings to the table is something which certainly warrants a second viewing.

Red Tartan

When you think of Scotland, one of the first things that is likely to spring to mind are kilts; these traditional items of clothing have dominated the world of fashion for centuries, and are usually made from tartan. If you have always thought that this intriguing design would make for an excellent decorative choice for your home, you are in luck. It is now possible to purchase Red Tartan cladding, which is arguably one of the best choices for anyone that likes the idea of a statement wall.

Grey Oak

In times gone by, timber was a material commonly utilised in domestic homes - this is a material with various selling points attached, including durability and aesthetic appeal. Despite the fact that cladding is now considered to be all the rage, it is possible to combine the two, with the end result being Grey Oak cladding. Once installed, you can be rest-assured that you will look upon the finished article with a grin across your face, such is the first-class outcome. This is a perfect design for any homeowner that wants to inject an element of old-fashionedness into the mix.

Concrete Stripes

For those of you that are determined to decorate the walls and ceiling of your bathroom in such a way that creates a high-end finish, you may wish to take a closer look at the brand-new Concrete Stripes that have been recently added to the market. From a visual standpoint, you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative that can have the impact that this design brings to the table. It creates something of an illusion, which is not something that is often said about shower walls. 


Before we delve any deeper into this particular wall cladding design, we should stress that this is a luxury option, and not one that is suitable for wet rooms that are being created on a tight budget. Should you be someone that has always aspired to become a high-end interior designer, and wish to try things out in the comfort of your own home, we assure you that Damask will be the perfect choice of purchase. The intricate patterns that you find with these wall panels are unlike any other; the stunning effect that this can produce within your bathroom will leave guests in awe.

Dark Stone

In the past, traditional marble has been the cladding panel design that has truly flown off of the shelves. The way in which these can improve the use of light within a room remains second-to-none; however, people are always looking for innovative new options, and this is where the Dark Stone panels enter into the picture. Unlike the usual tile-effect panels that you will find, these absorb light and help to create a somewhat darker atmosphere. Although not for the fainthearted, for some of you this could be just what you have been looking for.

Beige Marble

If you are someone that enjoys having walls which, although perhaps not extremely bold, are pleasant to look at, the solution is relatively obvious - invest in Beige Marble cladding panels. No matter if you use these on your shower ceiling, or prefer to have them more on show within your combined kitchen-dining area, the results will be sure to leave you beaming from ear-to-ear. When it comes to ceiling cladding, there are few other designs which leave such a positive lasting impression.

Cutline Flagstone Grey

There are countless individuals up-and-down the country that appreciate the aesthetic appearance of tiling, but do not cherish the difficulty in installation and upkeep. It is for this reason that more-and-more homeowners are looking to Cutline Flagstone Grey as the perfect alternative. This can be used in lieu of bathroom wall panels, or as decoration within your kitchen. This type of PVC cladding is fantastic from a visual standpoint, as well as being easy to place, thanks to the tongue-and-groove method.

Loft Concrete

Whilst the name may seem slightly off-putting, you would be unwise to rule-out Loft Concrete without properly examining it. In recent years, this has been seen as the perfect product to create an atmosphere within a property that epitomises minimalism - as anyone that follows the interior design industry can testify to, this modern style is proving to be incredibly popular. In terms of where in the home this is most-suited to, it is hard to look past the kitchen as the ideal location. Alternatively, there are some that have stated that the bathroom wall is the best home, and it is not difficult to see why.

Purple Sparkle

This is a product that has a colour scheme which is certainly not for the fainthearted; however, if you were to opt to purchase Purple Sparkle, you can be sure that it will be a conversation starter for all those that behold it. In terms of bathroom cladding, you will be hard-pressed to source an alternative which is quite as striking at first glance. Most people that invest in this product believe that it is best installed on the shower wall, as it is extremely effective at allowing water to run down, meaning that you will not have to worry about mould and other undesirable side-effects.

Black Marble

Although Black Marble has started to gain prominence this year, it is 2021 that will see it truly explode in the world of interior designs. There are various factors behind this - first-and-foremost, you need to take note of the glossy finish that it displays. The way in which light is able to bounce off of these shower panels is incredible, and cannot be matched by any other units on the market. Not only this, but this type of cladding is an excellent product to achieve the minimalist look which has become highly sought-after. Should you be looking to class-up your property, you would do-well to heed this advice.

Polished Stone

For those of you that have relatively small bathrooms, but do not want this to stop you from achieving a first-class aesthetic, the solution is obvious - invest in Polished Stone cladding. What sets this line of products apart from others is the fact that they are waterproof. This will ensure that the structural integrity of your walls will not be compromised due to prolonged exposure to water. Once you have installed them, you can enjoy a style that is stereotypically associated with luxurious properties.


For many, this is considered to be the hardest decision that needs to be made regarding cladding. The shower wall is exposed to large quantities of water on a daily basis, meaning that PVC cladding is the only way in which to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the inner materials. It is for this reason that it is encouraged that you choose a relatively simple design, such as that of the Multi-Tile range. Easy-to-install, the colours which are included in this line are designed so to not be too distracting. As far as shower and bathroom wall panels go, these are certainly a premium option.


Popular PVC Cladding Panel Colours For 2022

Due to the sheer vastness of the colour palette in today’s day and age, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to come to a conclusion on what colour you want to use within your home. If you did not already know, we are The Cladding Store, so our understanding of the property interior design is unrivalled. As such, we are in a prime position to offer assistance in deciding what colour to have your bathroom wall panels. To learn our thoughts on this matter, all you need to do is continue your reading below. 


For many people, black is a colour which they simply cannot make their mind up about; much of this is down to the fact that it is in-and-out of style more than any other option. However, we are pleased to inform you that as of 2020, black is here to stay, and should certainly be one of your first considerations when it comes to contemplating the colour for your bathroom cladding. If you are looking for a luxurious finish to your washroom, we would suggest trying the Black Sparkle with Chrome - whilst you will have the subtleness of the black, the chrome elements will ensure that you are not bathed solely in darkness. Should you prefer to keep a wholly minimalistic aesthetic, the simple Black Sparkle will certainly conform to your tastes.


When it comes to identifying a style which is the epitome of timeless, it is hard to overlook grey. Its sullen neutrality makes it strangely eye-catching, something that you would not expect. As a colour which soaks up all light, it provides you with a blank canvas - no longer are you restricted in your choice of furnishings, as you do not have to try and match them to your existing decor. Were you to opt for the Grey Marble Chrome, for instance, you are able to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Should you be searching for a way in which to give your bathroom a brooding atmosphere, the only colour that should come to mind is that of red. Whilst in the past people have opted to stay away from this, due to the intensity that is exhibited, 2020 is the year of making a statement. As such, it is hard to think of another colour which conveys boldness than a crimson red. If you were to, for example, utilise Red Sparkle PVC bathroom cladding, you will be able to enjoy a combination of sophistication and power.

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