4 Rooms that are Ideals for Cladding

There are almost-certainly some people reading this that are under the impression that uPVC cladding is solely designed for use within the bathroom. Unfortunately, it is this line of thinking that causes many homeowners to miss out on the wonderful rewards that can be brought-about by installing top-of-the-range cladding. Within your property, there are plenty of locations that are ideally-suited to having cladding used. If you would like to know what these are, feel free to browse through the list of suggestions below, compiled by the excellent specialists at The Cladding Store.


If you have become sick-and-tired of walking into your bedroom on a daily basis, to be greeted by the sight of walls that are way past their best, you are more-than entitled to revamp them. This is a fantastic part of your home to invest money in, as it is perhaps the room that is most-used. If you are on the lookout for a viable option, you needn’t look any further than cladding. The designs will almost-certainly prove to be an upgrade on the existing decoration that you have in-place.


Despite what we initially said, we still feel the need to highlight the relevance of having cladding fitted within your bathroom. Regardless of if you are redesigning your master bedroom’s ensuite, or wish to improve the state of your family bathroom, cladding can play a major part in this. With an abundance of moisture in the air in these areas, cladding is certainly a must-have going forward.

Living Room

Although this may not be the first location to spring to mind when you are deliberating about where you can install cladding, you should not discount your living room from consideration until after you have looked at all the angles. We recognise that, up until now, you may have been content with your wallpaper. However, this can deteriorate in quality incredibly quickly, meaning that you have to be vigilant. If a replacement design is currently on your mind, you could do a lot worse than opt for cladding.


When you look at your kitchen, you should be filled with a sense of warmth and belonging. This is usually, after-all, where you and the rest of your family will spend some time catching-up on the day’s events. Furthermore, you will eat your meals here, meaning that having an aesthetically-pleasing kitchen is of paramount importance. It is for this reason that you should turn your attention towards cladding. Not only can you eliminate the negative impact that steam can have, but you can also enjoy having walls that are stunning to look at. 

An Introduction to The Cladding Store

By now, you should have started to gain a bit-more of an understanding as to why you should be intrigued by the possibility of browsing through cladding ranges. These panels, when installed in the correct fashion, can serve you for many years, and are unlikely to cause you much hassle from a maintenance perspective. That being said, to get the most out of them you must ensure that you take great-care when deciding upon a retailer that you would like to do-business with.

Would you like to purchase cheap PVC cladding, yet also want for it to be first-class in terms of quality? Have you already been sold on the weather-resistance benefits of timber cladding for your home’s exterior, and now wish to explore the potential of cladding for the interior of your property? If either of these prompted a positive response from you, the best thing to do would be to write to The Cladding Store team today via our website’s enquiry form.
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