Ceiling Panels 250mm & 200mm

PVC Ceiling Cladding is the luxurious alternative for your wet walls.  No more grouting or tiling. PVC Ceiling Cladding is both cheaper and quicker to install and can have some stunning results. You can install it your self!

Loft Concrete 8mm

Loft Concrete 8mm

by Cladding Store

Our Loft Concrete PVC wet room cladding panels will give your bathroom shower the beautiful effect of concrete and they look great on both a shower wall or a shower ceiling.

These Loft Concrete panels have a tongue and groove fitting - ensuring an easy fit and a waterproof seal and they are available in 8mm thickness

Each individual Grey Sparkle wet room panel measures 250mm x 2600mm and the prices are for a single panel.

Panel Size: 260cm x 25cm x 8mm