Why You Should Choose Cladding Over Tiles For Your Bathroom

When deciding to enhance your bathroom space, there are a number of different decisions you need to make, especially to do with the design. Often it comes down to the choice between tiles and bathroom wall panels, which is not always a simple one. When making this choice, there are a number of different factors you need to take into consideration, so the team at The Cladding Store have put together this post to explain why you should choose cladding over tiles for your bathroom. 

Cladding is inexpensive

Tiles are often seen as a cost-effective bathroom solution, because the cheapest variants offer a decent look on a budget. However, if you are looking to create a more luxurious finish, some of the more expensive ones can reach hundreds of pounds per square metre - especially is they are made with marble or semi-precious stones. 

On the other hand, cladding can be a lot cheaper in the long run and is actually a simple way to create a tile or brick effect on walls throughout your home - or even commercial premises. Bathroom cladding is quick to install, cheap to purchase and is sufficient enough to deal with daily life. When installing the panels, there is no need to use grout as the panels overlap using a tongue and groove effect, making it a lot easier. 


Compared to bathroom cladding, one of the biggest problems with tiles is the necessary grouting. If the maintenance with tiles is not kept on top of, this can lead to discolouration or a very unpleasant and unhealthy mould, and each line will have to be often individually cleaned to maintain the look. But by having bathroom wall panels installed, you will completely eliminate the need for grouting as they are fixed on walls, floors or ceilings using silicone. 

Wall cladding is very resistant to moisture, as there is nowhere for it to become trapped , so it will just run off the surface. The panels are made from a much more rigid and stronger material, preventing cracks from appearing - as you see with tiles - as they are built to last a very long time. 

Minimal Maintenance

As we have briefly touched upon, due to the lack of grouting, bathroom wall panels are much easier to maintain. No grouting not only saves time in cleaning, but also time in the initial installation process, making a much more hygienic area as there will be no mould build up. Cladding truly is perfect for your bathroom, as well as hygiene sensitive commercial environments such as schools, gyms, swimming pools and hospitals.

Tiles require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking brand new, but wall cladding can be easily maintained. UPVC cladding is also excellent because it has a smooth outer surface, which means that it is hard to accumulate dust and other particles which often play a part in ruining the appearances of surfaces around your home. 

Would you like to purchase some bathroom cladding? 

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