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In recent years, cladding has become one of the most popular materials used within the world of construction. There are a number of reasons behind this, such as upgraded visuals in comparison with tiles, as well as the way in which they decrease a property’s loss of thermal energy. Should you be a contractor that has made the decision that you would like to utilise cladding in your next project, there are a number of accessories that will be integral to achieving first-class results. If you need advice on what these are, allow the team here at The Cladding Store to elaborate.


When it comes to PVC cladding, you need to ensure when fitting that you do not damage the material; should you attempt to use nails, you could unintentionally compromise the structural integrity of the panels. As such, it is best to use something which does not penetrate the material - in these types of circumstances, the best binding agent to use is adhesive. This has properties imbued into it that make it excellent at surviving the various weathers thrown at it by the harsh British climate. Thanks to its permanent flexibility, it is able to move with the cladding, meaning that you do not need to worry about cracks appearing in the near future.


Should you decide that you would like to have cladding present within your bathroom, you may find that it is difficult to fit around the shower tray or bath, due to the complex curves that are present. This issue is instantly negated when you use a cladseal. It is worth noting that this product is only usable when your cladding panels are between eight and ten millimeters thick. However, the benefits that you are able to enjoy are numerous, with the most notable being that it makes the area around your bath more hygienic. Not only this, but thanks to their durability, they won’t need replacing in a hurry.

Corner & Coving Trims

Although you may not realise it, simply purchasing high-quality cladding panels does not necessarily mean that you will be guaranteed a professional finish. For this to become a reality, it is wise to invest in a healthy number of coving and corner trims. In essence, these are used to connect walls to the ceiling, so that they are securely fixed. You will also be pleased to hear that these are easy-to-install, which makes them a superior option to the more traditional grout-method.  

Skeleton Gun

As mentioned previously, adhesives are an essential accessory to have for installing cladding; however, it can sometimes be relatively tricky to apply simply by hand. This is due to the necessity for a steady hand, as well as the constant possibility of there being an excess drip. It is for this reason that the skeleton gun was developed; specifically, it is to be used in tandem with various types of cartridge products. With this product, you will instantly notice the ease of which it is to apply the adhesive. 

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Have you spent countless hours trying to find the perfect PVC cladding in the UK, but been unable to source panels which match your stylistic preferences? Would you like to utilise a maintenance-free material within your property, but are unsure of who to purchase from? If you answered either of the previous questions in a positive manner, it is likely that you would be a prime candidate to work with us here at The Cladding Store. We are a firm that takes pride in the extensive catalogue of products that we have; regardless of whether you are seeking raw materials, or would like to outfit yourself with top-of-the-range accessories, we are here to help. To find out more about our services, please use the contact methods on our website to speak to a member of our team. 

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