Bathroom Cladding Myths That You Need To Ignore


Whenever a new and innovative product comes into the public eyes, individuals that are fans of its predecessor are usually not quite as thrilled as others. In some instances, they may go to such extreme lengths as circulating malicious rumours which, in the long-run, could turn public perception against the newcomer. This is the situation that bathroom cladding currently finds itself in. In case you didn’t already know, we are The Cladding Store - thanks to our comprehensive understanding of this field, we believe that we are perfectly suited to dispelling some of the myths that are currently being thrown-around.

They’re designed for commercial use

Originally, cladding panels were often found in commercial premises - the reason for this is that the price meant that they could be purchased in bulk for relatively little expense. This, coupled with the fact that they were rather plain to look at, meant that companies would love these for their bathrooms and other communal areas. As the industry has evolved, more-and-more homeowners have discovered that these panels are excellent replacements for the outdated tiles which used to dominate the bathroom world. This is a prime example of a rumour that you should ignore.

They offer a poor-quality finish

Arguably one of the most damaging myths to ever be spoken about in relation to bathroom cladding, is that from an aesthetic perspective they are slightly lacking. Whilst there may have been some truth in this when they were initially developed, things could not be more-different now. Manufacturers have worked hard to improve their skills, and this can be seen in the results that they produce. If you were to take the time to look over the high-end bathroom wall panels that are being bought today, you would recognise that they are visually stunning.

They’re difficult to install

There are many people that believe that, in truth, it does not matter what type of material that you choose to decorate your bathroom with. Due to the various corners and edges that have to be navigated in this room, the project is always going to carry a great degree of difficulty. What you might not have realised, in regards to cladding, is that you can adopt the tongue-and-groove method whilst installing. This can make your life a great-deal easier, which we are sure you will appreciate.

The design options are limited

Were you to take a few minutes to scroll through any first-class cladding retailer’s catalogue, you would quickly discover that this is a myth which has no basis in reality. Over the years, more-and-more options have been floated onto the market, all of which are targeted at individuals with specific preferences. From the classic choice that is Beige Marble, to slightly more niche designs such as Crackle Glaze - there is something for everyone. It is up to you to do your research, and unearth the option that speaks to you. 

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