Which Cladding Panels Will Change Your Shower For The Better?

Conducting a renovation project within the comfort of your own home is never easy; after all, there are countless directions that you can choose to go in, all of which have their own unique benefits. It has become clear, since the turn of the century, that cladding panels are the way forward. However, sourcing the design that is right for you is a completely separate matter altogether. If you continue your reading down below, you will find The Cladding Store’s suggestions on the shower panels that may be right for you.

Grey Oak

If you are someone that has always appreciated the textures and grain-effects that are present in timber panelling, but feel as if these will not hold up well when subjected to a large amount of moisture on a daily basis, you will be thrilled to learn that there is an alternative. Were you to cast your eye over Grey Oak wall cladding, you would immediately be enthralled by the visuals that these panels exhibit. When fitted on the interior walls of your shower, we guarantee that you will look upon them favourably each-and-every day.


Although the name itself may not be particularly enticing, we implore you to give Grunge a chance before you dismiss it without a second thought. These panels are fantastic when you are trying to create a feature wall within your bathroom; in recent years, interior designers have advocated that it is important that you try to make a statement with your decor. Should you be committed to purchasing bathroom wall panels that are slightly different to those that are usually found on the market, this is the route that you will want to go down.

Multi-Tile Black

For some homeowners, wet rooms are meant to be simple-yet-sophisticated in their designs - after all, you are undoubtedly trying to remain relaxed and at-ease whilst here. As such, you could do a lot worse than opting for Multi-Tile Black shower panels. These give you the opportunity to replicate the high-end aesthetics which are usually associated with traditional tiles, yet are easy-to-install thanks to the innovative tongue-and-groove method that has been developed. When you have a tile-effect within your bathroom, you are also able to inject some value into your home. 

Polished Stone

Arguably the most prestigious option that features on this list, you certainly don’t want to pass-on Polished Stone cladding without at least giving us a chance to highlight its selling points. First-and-foremost, this can be integrated with almost any existing interior decor features that you have. Regardless of if you prefer the simple modern trend that has become ever-so popular over the past decade, or believe that vintage visuals are the way forward, you can be rest-assured that these panels will not disappoint you.

We’re Here For You

Despite the fact that you have now been able to get some insight into the bathroom cladding ideas that are currently sending homeowners into raptures, it is understandable that you want to be sure before coming to a final decision. If you need a little more help, it could be worthwhile turning to a professional retailer for assistance - this is where The Cladding Store truly comes into its own. With a catalogue that is full-to-bursting with incredible designs, we will have no-trouble in supplying you with cladding panels that will leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Think that you might like to get in touch with us today, so that you can start your journey? If so, the best thing to do would be to call a member of our team directly on 01274 728031. 

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