What To Consider Before Installing Cladding In Your Bathroom

The demand for creative bathroom ideas is ever increasing with the start of the new year, with bathroom cladding becoming more popular across the country. That being said, there is a good reason so, bathroom PVC cladding is highly stylish and aesthetically pleasing, especially with the range of colours and styles that are available. 

Having said that, it’s not just as simple as it sounds, where it’s important to consider a few factors before installing PVC bathroom cladding, such as the points mentioned below. 

Where is the cladding being used?

  • Flooring

If you have suddenly jumped to the conclusion that you want bathroom cladding but not much more, then the first thing you need to consider is where the cladding is going to go. The first option is installing PVC cladding as a flooring solution, where its durability and waterproof nature has made it a popular choice. 

  • Ceilings

Bathroom cladding panels are also a highly popular option for the ceiling. With a smooth, solid colour finish, ceiling cladding provides a very modern and smooth finish that is bound to make your bathroom look welcoming and warm. 

  • Walls

Almost all bathroom cladding ideas revolve around bathroom walls. It’s unlikely that you want to fit the whole bathroom with PVC cladding, whereas a feature wall or shower wall are two of the best examples of where PVC plastic cladding is ideal. 

If you are keen on installing it as wall cladding, you then need to establish how much of the wall will be covered, as some of the most stylish bathroom cladding ideas don’t have the entirety of the feature wall covered in wall panels. 

Different styles to consider

For those that are keen on introducing bathroom cladding, you must take into consideration the style that you are looking to achieve. For this, it ultimately comes down to two factors:

  • Panel colour

The first aspect to take a look at is the colour of the bathroom wall panel. Keeping the latest trends in mind, black panels are highly popular at the moment, though brighter colours are still just as popular if you are keen on having a lighter bathroom. For this, it’s important to stay in colour coordination with other aspects in your bathroom, such as your floor and ceiling, as well as all of the fittings in the bathroom. 

  • Style

Not only is the colour important, but so is the style. Once again, you must take into consideration the existing bathroom call colour, as well as the fitted units such as your vanity units, shower and mirror. For reference, a few of the most popular bathroom cladding styles include grey marble, sparkle and a tile effect, all of which will be designed to specific colours rather than you choosing both colour and style. 

Who is going to install it?

Once you have run through all of the bathroom cladding ideas, it’s then time to take into consideration the installation process. Fortunately, bathroom PVC is fairly easy to install thanks to its popular tongue and grooved technique, meaning that it’s becoming increasingly popular for you to install the cladding yourself into your bathroom.

Alternatively, you can also look to hire professionals to install your bathroom cladding for you, as this may ensure a greater final result which looks far more professional and perfected than you might be able to achieve - not to put down your ability. 

We are the team to help

The first step of installing bathroom PVC cladding is to identify and purchase the perfect cladding panels for you, which is where we can help. Here at The Cladding Store, we have a diverse range of cladding varying in different colours, styles and size - all of which are suitable within your bathroom as wall, ceiling or floor panels. 

If you are keen on installing the bathroom cladding yourself, then we highly take a look at our installation guide, where we have created a short but informative video to help you to smoothly install the cladding at home with no issues. 

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