What Makes Wall Cladding So Popular In Modern Homes 


It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to explore the option of PVC wall cladding when they’re redecorating their home’s interior. Over the past few years, homeowners have started experimenting with cladding panels in their bathroom as an alternative to tiling, yet now many are choosing to use wall cladding as an alternative to wallpaper and traditional paint too. 

There is no denying that in all modern properties, wall panels are a brilliant option to consider and they can work really well in various different rooms. There are so many advantages to PVC wall cladding too and it can make improving your home’s interior design easier than ever before. If you’re wondering why so many homeowners are choosing to use wall cladding these days, below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of these panels. 

They couldn’t be easier to install 

Even if you’ve never used wall cladding before, you shouldn’t struggle to achieve a flawless finish in the room that you’re decorating. Cladding panels with a tongue and groove fitting are known for being incredibly easy to install and you will be surprised by just how quickly you can get them up. Whether you choose to glue, nail or screw these panels into place, their specially engineered locking system will create a watertight surface and provide a brilliant overall look. 

They look amazing for many years to come

Wherever you choose to install wall cladding, you can trust that it will be virtually maintenance-free and keeping the panels in good condition couldn’t be easier. Many choose to install PVC wall cladding in rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom because they are both water-resistant and able to withstand general day-to-day wear and tear. Cleaning cladding panels is so much easier than cleaning a tiled or painted wall as well. 

They are incredibly cost-effective

Not only will the fact that you’re able to install the kitchen or bathroom cladding yourself with barely any tools help you to save money on your home improvement project, but the cost of wall panels are much more affordable than people initially realise too. With 260cm x 20cm panels costing as little as £4.99, no matter how big your room is and how small your budget is, you can completely transform a space without breaking the bank. 

They are available in stunning designs 

Nowadays, as wall cladding becomes more and more sought after, the range of different designs available to purchase continues to grow. Not only is there a huge selection of different colour cladding panels available on the market, but there are also various patterns and finishes available to choose from too. In addition to this, you can even purchase wall cladding that looks like tiles, so there really is a design to suit every room in your modern home. 

They can be replaced over time

Of course, interior design trends change over time and thankfully, it is really easy to replace the wall panels you have in your home whenever you fancy doing so. This type of wall covering is known for being able to hide imperfections in your walls, so you won’t have a lot of preparation work to do to give a room a completely new look either. When you’re simply wanting to install new wall cladding, you can update the space as frequently as you’d like without any hassle. 

Using wall cladding in your home 

Ultimately, if you’re wanting to redecorate your home, then it is undeniably worthwhile considering using PVC wall cladding and this modern alternative to traditional decor shouldn’t be overlooked. It is no surprise that it is so popular in properties nowadays and it is easy to see why lots of homeowners are drawn to using cladding panels. Whichever rooms you’re going to be working on, make sure you’re looking at the different types of cladding panels available. 

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