The Biggest Bathroom Trends For 2020

As we are now well into 2020, homeowners have now started to save once more for their next refurbishment, holiday or home extension. Especially with the increase in design opportunities, your bathroom is one of the most ideal rooms to undergo a makeover so that it’s modern and remains updated for the new year. For that reason, here are a few of the biggest bathroom trends which are already or are expecting to become popular in 2020. 

Supersize tiles

Changing it up from previous years, in 2020, the bigger the tiles, the better. Not only do they make a bold statement for anyone that uses the bathroom, but it will be sure to make them want to install supersize tiles in their own home in the near future. 

Even by using PVC bathroom cladding panels in replacement of your large tiles, they are bound to make a large difference in making your bathroom appear bigger than it is. For reference, one of the best styles that are bound to stick around is dark grey marble, where you will also be pleased to hear that bathroom PVC cladding can also be designed with a marble effect so that you can achieve the great result with a cheaper price. 

Integrated lighting

It’s highly likely that you will see bathrooms looking and getting smarter this year, with your lighting being one of the easiest ways to make this transaction. Integrated lighting is perhaps the best example of this, where many homeowners are looking to redesign their whole bathroom so that they can incorporate the lighting within the architecture of the ceiling and walls in numerous ways that make it subtle, but also so it stands out. 

Black bathrooms

The use of dark colours within the bathroom has been gaining popularity over the last few years, though we believe that 2020 will be the year it becomes mainstream. It’s very unlikely that the whole room will be painted black, but a feature wall or two will be sure to increase the style and design within your bathroom.

For those that are keen on changing it up from the traditional paint or tiles approach, PVC bathroom cladding has become increasingly popular in the UK. Installed in wall panels, you can install the wall cladding in a variety of dark finishes with a few of the most popular including black marble and sparkly effected cladding. 

Partially tiled walls

Rather than tiling the entire wall, why not only apply cladding to any wet walls within your shower wall or any other wet area. A few of the most popular trends likely to occur include tiling up to a chair rail, picture or even just simply halfway up the wall - either way, it’s likely to spruce up the current design to make your bathroom look stylish and unique. 

PVC Bathroom Cladding

We have already touched on the use of bathroom PVC cladding as an alternative to tiles or paint, but the use of uPVC cladding is still expected to become popular in its own right. For those that are unaware, cladding is a decorative wall finish made of PVC that is typically very lightweight and hollow, yet very strong, making them easy to install. 

During 2020, it’s likely to expect PVC bathroom cladding will replace the typical scenarios where tiles will be installed, primarily because it can replicate the tile effect whilst being much cheaper, aesthetically pleasing and easier to install. Whatmore, the style of these bathroom wall panels are available in a wide selection of effects, colours and style, not just as a tile effect, with marble, sparkle and wood effect being popular options that are likely to appear in more bathrooms this year. 

The Cladding Store

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