PVC Cladding: Everything that you Need to Know

If you are starting to contemplate the possibility of renovating your home’s interior you will no-doubt want to ensure that the materials that you use are fantastic, both from a functional sense and a visual one. Unfortunately, combining these two separate factors is easier said than done, particularly when you consider the number of viable options from which to choose from. 

That being said, PVC cladding panels have slowly-but-surely started to dominate this sector. Here at The Cladding Store, we pride ourselves on selling first-class ceiling and wall cladding; our experience means that we are well-suited to offering you some valuable insight into this type of decorative options.

What is PVC?

As you may have already deduced, PVC is an acronym - it stands for polyvinyl chloride, and is a type of synthetic plastic. Although it was first developed towards the tail-end of the nineteenth century, it was a long-time after that before its potential was truly realised. The nature of this material is that it is lightweight but surprisingly durable, hence why it has been identified as a fantastic option for wall panels.

Is Planning Permission Necessary?

For those of you that, up until this point, have resisted using PVC cladding because you were under the impression that you would first need to obtain planning permission, allow us a moment to offer some much-needed clarity. In reality, provided that you are focussing on your home internally, and are not thinking about performing major structural changes, you are free to complete your revocation project as-and-when you like. This means that once you have identified cladding as your preferred alternative to tiling, you can get the work started as soon as possible.

What are the Benefits?

When you take the time to lay out the unique aspects of PVC cladding that make it desirable for shower walls and kitchen ceilings alike, it is unsurprising that the demand for these products has increased year-after-year. These panels are incredibly affordable; you don’t have to worry about spending above-and-beyond on a bulk order. 

Furthermore, they can almost-entirely remove the possibility of moisture negatively impacting your home’s walls. Should you be concerned about the safety of your home in the long-run, this addition to your walls could prove to be a stroke of genius. Whether the panels measure-in at 5mm thickness, or are slightly larger at 250mm x 2800mm, we promise that they will not disappoint you.

Is it Visually Attractive?

Towards the beginning, one of the major detracting factors associated with cladding panels was that they were not blessed with top-tier visuals. As their popularity started to grow, manufacturers took note of this flaw, and invested a significant amount of time and effort into rectifying the problem. The results, it is safe to say, have been nothing short of exceptional. Now, when you start to peruse through potential PVC cladding designs, it will quickly become clear that you are spoilt for choice.

What Can We Do For You?

If you have previously remained-faithful to your old-fashioned tiles, but have recently made the discovery that they are not serving you particularly well, the solution is simple - solicit the services of The Cladding Store. Whether your primary focus is on your walls or ceilings, we have full-confidence in our abilities; this means that, before long, you can enjoy a completely revamped bathroom or kitchen. 

The stunning effects that these panels possess from a visual standpoint will almost-certainly put a smile on your face in the coming months. Whatsmore, with such incredible options as Black Sparkle and tile-effect panels featuring in our catalogue, we have something for anyone-and-everyone. Why not pick the phone up, call us on 01274 728031, and look at taking the first step with us today?
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