How Can you use Cladding for a Kitchen Refresh?


One of the most commonly-used rooms within the modern home is the kitchen - not only is it where you typically cook and eat your meals, but it can also be utilised as a fantastic entertaining space. As such, the chances are that you not want your decorations to be drab and uninspiring. If you feel like your kitchen falls within this category, you may wish to explore cladding as a redecorating option - The Cladding Store is happy to offer some insight into why this could be the perfect choice for you.

Long-Term Solution

Renovating a property is a process which, once completed, is meant to last for a sustained period of time; should you be forced to conduct another revamp shortly after, it is a sign that perhaps you are not utilising the correct materials. Anyone that has cladding within their home will be able to testify to the fantastic durability which is exhibited by their materials. As well as being easy-to-clean, which cuts time needed for maintenance work, these kitchen wall panels use state-of-the-art adhesives as their bonding mechanism. This ensures that the results are there to stay.

Hygienic Modern Alternative

If you were to conduct a survey amongst those who had already taken the step of purchasing PVC cladding, regarding the reason why they opted for this material, the likelihood is that the overwhelming majority would cite the incredible hygiene benefits. Due to the lack of grouting, moisture is unable to infiltrate between each panel, which is what happens with old-school tiling. The subsequent effect of this is that you are not forced to treat mould outbreaks on a regular basis - within a location where you prepare food, the importance of this cannot be understated.


There are some homeowners that like their property to stand apart from others on their street - unfortunately, uniqueness is something which can be quite difficult to achieve in the twenty-first century, due to the perceived genericness of designs. Wall cladding, on the other hand, will not fail to offer you a number of options. If you want to be bold in your choice of colours, this is something which will conform to your stylistic preferences. With such products available as Purple Sparkle and Chrome White Sparkle, your kitchen will elicit admiring gazes from all those that clap eyes on it.


Whilst there are undoubtedly some that wish to gain attention, others prefer their homes to slip slightly under the radar. Over the last few years, minimalism has begun to see its popularity soar, which can be attributed to the interior design of high-profile celebrities. For those of you that want your ceiling and wall coverings to exude subtlety, we suggest taking a look at such styles as Loft Concrete and White Ash. Were you to purchase these designs, you can expect to enjoy a level of neutrality which is tough to achieve via alternative means. 

Why Choose the Cladding Store?

Would you like to purchase kitchen wall cladding that is easy-to-install, and will not need to be replaced anytime in the near future? Do you want to find the perfect design to decorate your ceiling, but have been unsuccessful in your search thus far? In case you didn’t already know, we here at The Cladding Store are considered to be one of the finest retailers of cladding-related products in the UK, and it is not difficult to see why. With a well-stocked catalogue that is full of reasonably-priced units, we are the first-choice for homeowners embarking on renovation projects. To educate yourself on our full-array of options, all you need to do is use the contact information on our website to speak to one of our representatives. 

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