Cladding Designs That You Need In Your Home

In this day and age, gone are the days where tiling ruled the world of interior decor. This is, in part, due to the tediousness that was involved in the application. However, more-so to blame is the development of a superior alternative - namely, PVC cladding. These panels are extremely easy to fit, meaning that hardships and hassle will become a thing of the past. Not only this, but the number of different designs available is almost endless. If you need advice on which large cladding panels will best suit you and your home, allow us here at The Cladding Store to point you in the right direction.




Arguably one of the most sought-after ranges, you can be sure that there is no limit to the potential of this line of products. These give you the opportunity to retain the minimalist appearance which you like, whilst also being able to add in a little flair. If you are seeking something which is simple-yet-effective for your ceiling, look no further than the Beige Sparkle. Should you be interested in adding a more complex element into your room, we would suggest the Black Sparkle with Chrome. No matter what style you opt for, you can be sure that these cladding panels will catch the eye. 




Choosing the visual effect that you want present within your bathroom can be extremely difficult; this is because it is a room which does not necessarily have to conform to the decor present throughout the rest of the house. When choosing your bathroom wall cladding, you need to consider whether you want to embrace a more contemporary aesthetic, or if you would rather adopt a more traditional look. If you decide to go for the latter, the Cutline range could be the one for you. With four distinct colour schemes to choose from, including DK Grey and Beige, you are spoilt for choice. However, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your bathroom cladding is first-class in quality.




For many, this is considered to be the hardest decision that needs to be made regarding cladding. The shower wall is exposed to large quantities of water on a daily basis, meaning that PVC cladding is the only way in which to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the inner materials. It is for this reason that it is encouraged that you choose a relatively simple design, such as that of the Multi-Tile range. Easy-to-install, the colours which are included in this line are designed so to not be too distracting. As far as shower and bathroom wall panels go, these are certainly a premium option.




Should you be someone that is a fan of gloss and sheen, it is hard to ignore the Marble range as the perfect choice. There is a wide-range of options to consider; however, it all depends on your stylistic preference. For a more dark and brooding atmosphere, look no further than the Black Marble. Alternatively, if you are trying to create an aura of calm and serenity, it is advisable to go for something lighter, such as Grey Marble With Chrome. The bottom-line is this - there is no ‘wrong’ decision. 


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