Choosing The Right Wall Cladding For Your Kitchen


It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to use wall cladding in their kitchens and this is a really cost-effective wall covering to consider when you’re refurbishing this space. Cladding panels aren’t just known for being affordable to purchase, they’re easy to install and very low maintenance too, and they come in such a huge range of designs nowadays, so there really is the perfect solution for every kitchen. 

If you’re interested in using wall cladding in your kitchen for the first time, you might find the vast market quite overwhelming and whilst it is nice to have a lot of choice, narrowing down your options isn’t always easy. So, to help any homeowners ensure that they’re choosing the right wall cladding for this space, below are some important things to consider. 

What style are you trying to create in the kitchen?

Whether you’re wanting a modern and minimalist kitchen or a traditional and homely kitchen will influence your wall cladding choice. In fact, the style you’re wanting to create in your kitchen will be at the heart of all of the decisions that you make relating to the interior design. So, before you start looking at the different wall cladding options for your kitchen, make sure that you know what overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve. 

Have you got a colour scheme in mind?

Colour scheme is equally important as style and it will play a huge role in the decisions that you make about the fixtures and fittings in your kitchen. When you have a colour scheme in mind, no matter what this may be, you should ensure that the kitchen wall panels you choose work within this colour scheme and are able to complement any of the other colours you’re going to be using in this space too. 

Is the kitchen quite spacious?

How big your kitchen is shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re deciding on the cladding design for your walls. You will want to ensure that you’re not making the space seem smaller than it is or creating a dingy feel to the room by choosing a really dark cladding colour, for example. Always think about the layout you’re going to have in the kitchen and how much natural light the space gets when you’re deciding which cladding panels to install. 

How much cladding do you want to use?

You may find that you don’t necessarily want to use cladding on all of the walls in your kitchen and combining this decor option with paint might be a better solution for this room. Whether you’re just wanting cladding as a splashback or you’d like to create a feature wall will also affect your decision in terms of design, and it will often influence how eye-catching you want the wall panels to be.  

Do you know what worktops you’re having?

Arguably, the worktop material, colour and pattern are some of the most important decisions you have to make when you’re refurbishing a kitchen, so it is likely that you will have an idea of what you’d like in this regard. If so, remember to take this into consideration when you’re choosing your wall panels as it is essential that the two will work well together. This is particularly important if your cladding panels and worktops will be touching. 

What material will the kitchen hardware be?

Whilst they’re easy to overlook, the finishing touches like your taps and your cabinet handles are important to think about when you’re choosing wall cladding for your kitchen. Whether you’re going to have brushed silver or polished brass, for example, will affect the cladding panels that you install. This attention to detail is what will make sure that you love everything about your new kitchen. 

Purchasing wall cladding for kitchens

It really is easy to see why kitchen wall panels are such a popular alternative to traditional tiles these days and they are a brilliant option for your kitchen refurbishment project. When you’re trying to decide between the vast range of wall cladding designs available, hopefully, thinking about everything mentioned above will be really useful. Having a better idea of what your needs and preferences are should make choosing the right wall cladding much easier. 

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