Bathroom Trends to Look out For in 2021


When the time comes to renovate your home, you will understandably want to choose a style that is popular amongst elite homeowners. Unfortunately, the year is slowly-but-surely drawing to a close - this subsequently means that people will be looking to the future. More specifically, 2021 is around the corner, and that means a flood of new designs will be rapidly gaining popularity. Thankfully, this is not a journey which you must undertake on your own. Here at The Cladding Store, we are more than happy to offer some guidance on the trends which are going to be the next big thing.

Cutline Flagstone Grey

It is argued that the design which is set to really transform the decorating landscape in 2021 is that of the Cutline Flagstone Grey. At first glance, you are able to enjoy an atmosphere of professionalism and subtle hints of class. The tile effect which is created by this product is something which truly allows it to stand apart from the other available alternatives. Guests that see it will undoubtedly be taken aback - the chances are that they will not even know that this is a form of wall cladding, which truly demonstrates its superiority.

Black Marble

Although Black Marble has started to gain prominence this year, it is 2021 that will see it truly explode in the world of interior designs. There are various factors behind this - first-and-foremost, you need to take note of the glossy finish that it displays. The way in which light is able to bounce off of these shower panels is incredible, and cannot be matched by any other units on the market. Not only this, but this type of cladding is an excellent product to achieve the minimalist look which has become highly sought-after. Should you be looking to class-up your property, you would do-well to heed this advice.

Polished Stone

For those of you that have relatively small bathrooms, but do not want this to stop you from achieving a first-class aesthetic, the solution is obvious - invest in Polished Stone cladding. What sets this line of products apart from others is the fact that they are waterproof. This will ensure that the structural integrity of your walls will not be compromised due to prolonged exposure to water. Once you have installed them, you can enjoy a style that is stereotypically associated with luxurious properties.

Purple Sparkle

This is easily the most eccentric type of cladding to be adorned on bathroom walls; however, this is almost-certainly going to see its popularity rise during the next year. Purple Sparkle will catch the eye of anyone that beholds it, simply due to the sheer brightness of the colour. Whilst you may be slightly sceptical of this as a viable bathroom cladding idea, the fact of the matter is that if you are someone that appreciates contemporary designs, and wish to create a modern bathroom, this is the perfect product for you.

Who is The Cladding Store?

If you are someone that has been struggling to find bathroom panels which can be installed using a tongue-and-groove method, or are finding it difficult to come up with an inspirational bathroom design, you will be delighted to hear that The Cladding Store is here to help. The expertise that we have in this field ensures that we can offer insightful advice to our clients. For example, our bathroom ideas are those from visionary specialists that truly understand interior design, and the nuances which are involved. Want to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in a more in-depth conversation? We are pleased to inform you that our various contact methods have been published on our website - we look forward to hearing from you.

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