Alternatives To White Sparkle Cladding That You May Like


For those of you that try to stay up-to-date with interior design trends, it will come as no surprise to hear that what was all the rage in 2020, no longer has the same level of popularity associated with it. Case-and-point, in the world of cladding, white sparkle has seen its stock begin to slowly-but-surely decline. For those of you that would like to learn about the styles which are stealing the spotlight this year, feel free to read through the advice provided by The Cladding Store’s experts below.

Beige Marble

Most would agree that, regardless of where it is placed, a marble design stands head-and-shoulders above the competition. In times gone past, this was a material that was reserved solely for the social elite. However, things have changed slightly over the years, and this style is substantially more accessible now. If you were to invest in beige marble, you would be able to appreciate the contouring ripples that can be found across the various panels, which reflect light in creative and beautiful ways.

Black Sparkle

If you are feeling somewhat melancholic about the fact that white sparkle is no longer first-choice, and subsequently do not want to deviate far from this design, it may be that black sparkle is the ideal alternative. As the name suggests, this is an option that ensures that you are still able to retain some of what made the white sparkle so popular. However, the subtlety that is brought in by the darker black means that the overall aesthetics are somewhat improved.

Ivory Birch

Of all the designs to feature on this list, ivory birch is the one that is most recent to emerge as a popular contender. From the moment that you clap eyes on this style, you should hopefully be able to appreciate the smooth and calming tones which it consists of. Most would agree that this is ideal for anyone that is trying to put together a contemporary bathroom; you will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that it can easily handle any moisture that comes its way.

Loft Concrete

At first glance, some may believe that this represents a slightly dull option. However, if you take a moment to appreciate it in all its glory, you may start to realise that the beauty is in the simplicity. As far as trends go, minimalism has been gaining significant traction in recent years. Therefore, although loft concrete may not have a complex design, this is not to say that it cannot inject a little character into the room that you install it into.

Need Our Help?

If you have been trying to create a wet room that epitomises class and style, but have so far been unsuccessful in your attempts, now might be the best time to start looking into bathroom cladding. This is an excellent alternative to tiles - not only are they easy to clean, but thanks to the tongue and groove method of installation, they can also be laid in a smooth-and-seamless fashion. Should this sound appealing to you, The Cladding Store may be the firm that you have been looking for. 

Within the UK, you will be hard-pressed to find another company that has such a vast collection of cladding panels from which to choose from. We pride ourselves in being able to cater to diverse preferences; it is this motivation that ensures that we continuously expand our catalogue of options. Have a few questions about our products that you would like addressing? If so, you may wish to use our website’s contact methods to get in touch. 

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