5 Kitchen Cladding Ideas You Are Bound To Love

For many families, their kitchen is the heart of their home and everyone will spend time together

here almost every day. Deciding to decorate your kitchen can be really exciting and there is no denying you will want to ensure it is absolutely perfect. 

When searching for inspiration for this room, you tend to stumble across the same boring ideas and it can be hard to find something unique. Thankfully, kitchen cladding panels are making it easier than ever before to give your kitchen a new lease of life. If you’re interested in kitchen cladding and how it can improve the look of your room, keep reading today. The Cladding Store have put together 5 unique kitchen cladding ideas.

  • Cosy traditional wood

  • There is no denying that wood in a kitchen looks natural and homely, it can create such a cosy vibe in any home. Instead of just having wooden cabinets, why not opt for wooden cladding for the walls. This material is utterly versatile and you can have so much fun choosing colours, accessories and statement pieces for the rest of the room. From a modern home to a rustic farmhouse you can trust that this design will work. 

  • Light natural stone 

  • If you want to create a light, welcoming space then natural stone cladding is perfect. Whether you choose to use cladding under your cabinets or you cover a whole wall with this textured design, it will instantly add some life to the room. Stone cladding is a great choice if you want to move away from the uniformed sterile feel that kitchens can sometimes have. Not only does it look great but, natural stone is also incredibly easy to clean making it brilliant for any kitchen. 

  • Statement modern stainless steel 

  • Trust us on this one, even though stainless steel isn’t the first material that springs to mind when you’re thinking of decorating your domestic kitchen, it can look amazing. The mirrored style of this surface can create a contemporary looking space and with different colours available, you can create something that is modern and unique. A statement stainless steel wall will also visually tie in your kitchen utensils too, cutlery, pots and pans will look even more at home. 

  • Chic sparkle PVC

  • Glitter and sparkle will give your kitchen the luxury look without looking tacky, especially if you shop cleverly and use your sparkle sparingly. There are so many PVC cladding designs with a scattered sparkle running through them and whether you choose white, grey or black they will all look amazing in a kitchen. Simply using a sparkly cladding as a splashboard or even pushing the boat out and covering your ceiling can look incredible. 

  • Minimalistic classic marble  

  • This design is one that has been loved by lots of people for many years now. Whilst the majority of the time, marble is used for the surfaces in your kitchen, why not mix things up and use it on the walls. Marble cladding can instantly create a fresh, clean and modern look. We would pair this with either basic white or black cupboards or with a splash of colour depending on the overall look you’re aiming for. Either way, marble is an easy way to create a classic space. 

    Updating your kitchen with cladding 

    Using some of the unique ideas above you can easily create your perfect unique kitchen. Depending on the style you’re going for, one of these ideas might be spot on, if not you can tweak them until they’re exactly what you wanted. Kitchen cladding makes pretty much anything possible so, you’ll never be limited with your designs again. 

    If you’re searching for a cladding specialist that can supply you with both kitchen ceiling cladding panels and also kitchen wall panels in the UK, visit The Cladding Store website today. We have such a vast range of designs for you to choose from. So, whatever your dream interior design may be, you can trust that you will be able to get the perfect kitchen cladding from The Cladding Store. 

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